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Strokefamily.org Studies have shown that people who had intensive speech therapy had an average progress that was 80% higher than short sessions a few times a week. Intensive speech therapy programs are expensive and only available in a few places in the country. Budget and insurance restraints make intensive therapy inaccessible and unaffordable for most people. We have created innovative speech recovery programs and materials that can be used in a way that can give you the same benefits as an intensive program.

Stroke Family has talking software programs, guides and materials. With over 30 years of amazing speech breakthroughs using the award-winning Sensory Trigger Method, these Speech Practice Kits work with the brain's ability to relearn new pathways for speech. We ship our speech practice kits world-wide. Clients can opt for an online account where they can run the programs and downloads from any location. We offer free 30 day trials so you can try it out to see which kit suits your needs.

Here is what three patients or caregivers have to say about Barbara Dean Schacker's innovative speech recovery programs and kits: Success Stories

Find out how the Sensory Trigger Method and the Speech Practice Kits can make a difference for you. Visit us at Stroke Family for free video demonstrations, e-book at Strokefamily.org Free initial consultation at 855-585-5350 toll free or outside the U.S. call Barbara Dean Schacker at 001-845-679-5364

Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center Our patients are overcoming aphasia and apraxia with exciting and innovative programs and trainings. We at PATREC have helped hundreds of people from 18 countries to conquer or dramatically improve these disorders. We provide treatment in 7 languages. Our Aphasia Toolbox is available with a free trial subscription.

Here is what a patient and caregivers have to say about Bill Connors' speech recovery programs:

  • "This program has had an enormous effect on my recovery. These innovative treatments have given me the confidence to live a more full life." Jeff Kyriasis, radiology supervisor, current patient, Pittsburgh, PA
  • "For the first time in eight years, I feel encouraged, and so does my care receiver, that here finally is someone who will be able to help him learn to speak again." George Stein, caregiver, Washington DC
  • If you are fed up with being given up on, join our other Plateau Busters. More about Bill Connors' Aphasia CyberClinic and Innovative Speech Therapy Tools and Training at AphasiaToolBox.com

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