New ways to recover speech are here! offers a comprehensive array of innovative speech recovery tools and services for stroke or brain injury. Speech therapists, rehabilitation centers and family and caregivers can use our award-winning programs and methods. Speech therapy online and home speech practice kits overcome the obstacles of distance, limited mobility and limited budgets. When speech therapy sessions are limited by insurance or medicare and medicaid cut backs these new options are urgently needed.

We know that when families are given expert programs and coaching real breakthroughs can happen!

If given the simple communication skills and techniques families can aid and support speech recovery at home. Don't worry if speech therapy has ended--there is still time. We've designed our programs so that it doesn't matter if you are starting right away or if it has been years since you've been able to talk. There is untapped potential that can be unblocked and activated with the right approach. And it's easier than you think. We hope you'll let us show you. And remember..."Never give up! It's never too late start!"

See how we breakthrough speech barriers for yourself.

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You can put together an "Intensive Speech Therapy" program without the high cost and make it available to anyone in the world. Studies show that intensive programs are over 80% more effective than only a few sessions per week.

Using brain plasticity we can produce better results for those with aphasia, apraxia and other speech-language problems because the sense of touch is linked undamage speech areas in the brain. The Sensory Trigger Method us special techniques using the hand that is connected to the undamaged side of the brain to create new pathways in the brain for speech.

Our online computer programs and coaching techniques often work when a person has not progressed in speech therapy. The Sensory Trigger is built into each program and special coaching sessions on Skype or Google Hangouts can train family members as well as speech therapists how to trigger speech. The method is also used "in the moment" in everyday communications and speech practice.

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