Let's Talk: Aphasia Recovery E-Course


Let's Talk: Aphasia Recovery E-Course

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The "Let's Talk" course is for families, caregivers and speech therapists. 

This course teaches you how to recover language even with severe brain damage from start-to-finish results!

This course contains games, vocabulary, and an updated explanation of my methods. The information contained in this course is my essential recovery kit for global Aphasia.


1. Two-Year Recovery Plan: how to get from here to there

2. Avoiding Speech Blockers

3. My 4 keys to success in speech and language recovery

4.  The Power of Touch: Understanding the process of recovery and neuroplasticity.

4. My holistic approach to stroke recovery. Body and mind recovery: nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Included recommended supplements, pharmaceutical brain enhancement drugs, and holistic alternative therapies.

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